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Diablo in Red

Ultimate elegance, performance and style...

A son of the vaunted World Champion LAMBORGHINI IN BLACK, out of MKS Just Cause, we have been enjoying the exciting performances of this outstanding show horse since his 2007 debut. The 2009 season will be devoted to Robin and Red learning to perform as a team, and we hope it will culminate with roses in October!

Diablo In Red

2007 World Champion Four Year Old Park Harness

2007 Grand National Champion Four Year Old Park Harness M/G



Mendon Ladies Man


Congratulations to Shirley Goodspeed on her purchase of this wonderful gelding!

This extraordinary 2003 gelding is sired by the late World Champion Man About Town LPS, and is out of the World Champion Stonecroft Shalimar. It just doesn't get any better than this! Contact Rick Lane at Cabot for more information or a video. We will have photos up soon. He looks like he will be a World calibre western or hunter pleasure horse.

For Sale

Whiskeyhill Beaureve


There's nothing like coming home.

Robin's very first Morgan show horse, foaled in 1978, Beau recently found his way home and is enjoying life in the fields of Cabot Morgans.

Beaureve means "beautiful dream", and Beau was all that and more to Robin. To enjoy her wonderful memories of some of her performances with Beau, read on...

I bought Beau over 25 years ago when he was five years old at the New York Morgan Horse Show. I fell in love with him because he was beautiful and mannerly and was still a stallion. He is nephew of Longview Sundance, as his father was a full brother to Sundance named Longview Dancer. We sent him to Richard Kaufman to train, as Richard had my other Morgans, Heyday Kerry Dancer and TBF Gertie Girl, at that time. Beau was both the quintessential English pleasure and Road Hack Morgan and won the NY Morgan English Pleasure Championship and the Massachusetts Morgan English Pleasure Championship in the 1980's. He was undefeated in the Road Hack division in 1988, and went on to the be the Reserve Grand National Road Hack Champion in 1988 (before they had a World title in this division).

My favorite Beau story is when Richard decided that I was going to learn to ride and Beau was the victim. He gave me many riding lessons on Beau and the big stallion was quite the tolerant gentleman. I hung on his curb bit incessantly and he didn’t dump me once. It was at the Connecticut Show in 1988, the year we were undefeated in Road Hack, that Richard was sidelined with injuries from a fall from another horse and couldn't show Beau. Kristen Junger was our catch rider and got a very respectable third in the qualifier, but Richard felt that I should be the one to ride him in the Championship. I was terrified and sick to my stomach just thinking about it, but I agreed to do it. Things were going fine until we were asked to walk off on a loose rein. Then they called for a canter and Beau just picked up the correct lead on the loose rein. I didn't know whether to stop and take up the reins and then start again, or keep on going and pretend that was what I intended all along. I did the latter and then the hand gallop was called. Because Beau was 16 hands and so much larger than the other horses in the class, he was racing past them. Three of us were approaching the corner where the judge was standing about eight feet from the side of the arena and I was on the inside. I was sure with the three horses abreast of each other, I was the one that would run her down as she was not moving from her spot. I decided to close my eyes and let Beau do the honors. When I opened them a few seconds later, he had successfully navigated the corner and past the other horses and was just perfectly situated on the rail. It was a miracle! But the bigger miracle is that we won the Championship!

When Mike and Denise Shahan bought him years later for their daughter Andrea, I was happy that he would stay in Vermont and would be owned by friends who would love him as much as I did. When Andrea went off to college and they decided to sell him, he was in his 20's and there was no way I was going to let anyone else have him. Rick agreed to pick him up and take good care of him for me and he lives there still at the ripe old age of 31. I owe a lot to that horse and will never forget his kindness to me and his tolerance for my poor riding.

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